Nighttime Open D&D at Mark’s
We been having an Open D&D night every Monday since early this year.

Evan is our DM on Monday nights.

We have three player seats open, and we look to expand into other nights.

We start around 6 pm, and play as long as everyone wants or has the stamina to do so. This is not a set time for games to start, but don’t be later than 6:30 pm as common courtesy to all the players unless you absolutely can’t make it by that time.
However, please call the number below ahead of time to tell us if and when you can make it and if you will be attending.

The address where we play is my home address:

6020 Country Glade Way
Tampa, Florida

Here is the phone numbers I can be reached at:

(813) 443-2498 (Home)
(813) 340-3574 (Cell)

And here is my email address:

Please note, I don’t always check my email, so contact by phone is preferable. Also note that hate mail or spam will be deleted, and any death threats will not be tolerated, and may even be reported to the proper authorities. I don’t have any problem with this; you are duly warned.

Here are the ground rules (everyone is expected to follow these rules):

1): No alcohol or drugs, drunken and/or stoned D&D is not permitted in this house, this is the only rule that is ZERO TOLERANCE.

2): Smoking cigars or cigarettes is permitted, but must be smoked OUTSIDE. Also show respect to my house by picking up your cigar and cigarette butts.

3): Stay as long as you want, but if you must have something to eat for dinner, try to pony up at least a dollar. This is not mandatory, but it is appreciated. If you can’t contribute, we will still feed you, but we are NOT under any obligation to do so. Times are tough, and everyone will be expected to at least contribute, as is fair. However, as to staying the night here, we are not a hotel; we must know and trust you LONGER than a few months to have this privilege extended to you.

4): Please call ahead of the game to let us know ahead of time who to expect for the evening and when; don’t just randomly show up, that is bad manners and bad form. Give us the best way to contact you (phone numbers are welcomed more readily than email addresses, but an email address will not be refused if given). This way we can stay in touch and you can stay informed as to what is going on each night.

Feel free to bring any characters you wish to play, and if you want to DM, just let us know ahead of time. If not enough people show up, we do encourage you to join us anyways, as we also play other games such as Magic and Settlers of Catan. Mi casa es su casa as long as you respect the rules above.

Hope to see you there…

Mark Caro

After that, take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

I also have a blog that has further updates: D&D Survive or Die

Nighttime Open D&D